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Basic Garments
* Short Sleeve T-Shirts
* Long Sleeve T-Shirts
* Mock Turtle Necks
* Henleys
* 50/50 Cotton/Poly Sweatshirts
* 90/10 Cotton/Poly Sweatshirts
* 1/4 Zip Sweatshirts

* Short Sleeve T-Shirts
* Long Sleeve T-Shirts
* 50/50 Cotton/Poly Sweatshirts
* Youth Plackets
* Kid's Outerwear
* Infant's & Toddler's

Fashion Fleece
* Sweatshirts
* Jackets
* Vests

Sport Shirts
* Crew Necks
* Plackets

Denim Shirts
* Long Sleeve
* Short Sleeve

* Long Sleeve
* Short Sleeve

* Dunbrooke
* Port Authority
* Lee Denim
* Westarc

* Domestic
* Imported
* Youth

Pigment Dyes
* Short Sleeve T-Shirts
* Long Sleeve T-Shirts
* Sweatshirts
* Sport Shirts

In September of 1986 Mike and Karen started Accent USA as a mail order catalog business, working from a 900 sq. ft. warehouse behind their home in Salida, Colorado.
Outerwear Items were the predominate feature in the small 20 page catalog, which featured only American made merchandise cover to cover. (hence the name Accent USA) These outerwear items, although moderately successful, were also very seasonal.

The search was on at that point to discover a supplement to balance the scale between fall and spring. T-shirts seemed to be the perfect link and the decision was made to expand into manufacturing.

After a short period of time it became obvious that screen printing on activewear was in fact, a booming business and showed great potential for growth. The mail order catalog was supplemented and the push was on to expand and provide custom printing along with an all season wholesale screen print line to offer to western stores, resort gift shops, museums and ski shops. It was the right move at the right time.

At that point plans were put in play for a new facility large enough to accommodate the expansion and construction began in October of 1991. The new facility was completed in March of 1992, later followed by a 2200 sq. ft. addition completed in February 1997.

If you have done business with us before, you already know about our rock-solid guarantee on all of our products and services.

We understand that doing business for the first time, with an unfamiliar company, may cause some apprehension. Since we provide only trustworthy, quality garments from reputable suppliers and manufacturers, along with our hands-on approach to production, designing and applying your logo or design, we can confidently and fully guarantee all of our products and workmanship against any defects, communication mishaps or color inconsistencies.

Since our humble
beginning in the fall of 1986, our commitment to quality, service and honest correspondence with our customers, has paved the way to many long-lasting relationships and enduring friendships with those who have honored us with their loyalty year after year.

To these customers we want to say that we honestly do appreciate each one of you and we will continue to dedicate ourselves to preserving your trust and supplying your needs to the best of our ability.

Mike & Karen Cowan
Accent USA Inc.

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