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Screen Printing

Basic Garments
* Short Sleeve T-Shirts
* Long Sleeve T-Shirts
* Mock Turtle Necks
* Henleys
* 50/50 Cotton/Poly Sweatshirts
* 90/10 Cotton/Poly Sweatshirts
* 1/4 Zip Sweatshirts

* Short Sleeve T-Shirts
* Long Sleeve T-Shirts
* 50/50 Cotton/Poly Sweatshirts
* Youth Plackets
* Kid's Outerwear
* Infant's & Toddler's

Fashion Fleece
* Sweatshirts
* Jackets
* Vests

Sport Shirts
* Crew Necks
* Plackets

Denim Shirts
* Long Sleeve
* Short Sleeve

* Long Sleeve
* Short Sleeve

* Dunbrooke
* Port Authority
* Lee Denim
* Westarc

* Domestic
* Imported
* Youth

Pigment Dyes
* Short Sleeve T-Shirts
* Long Sleeve T-Shirts
* Sweatshirts
* Sport Shirts


Due to the sometimes involved nature of ordering custom screen printed or embroidered embellishment on clothing and accessories, we've discovered, rather than providing only a shopping cart environment and no audible contact with your supplier, our customers prefer to speak to us personally. We at Accent USA also feel this way as well and find it necessary to establish that personal contact to insure the proper results.


When embellishment is not required, of course ordering is much more simple. An e-mail, fax or phone call works just fine. When ordering by e-mail or fax (719-539-4556) please include the following:

>Shipping Address
>Credit Card # & Exp. Date

Shipping & Handling Reference Chart

Thank you for choosing Accent USA!

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